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Resident Evil 4 Assignment Ada Hard

GameCube | Submitted by Just another bored guy

Easy Boss Battles

At any boss battle you fight (don't try this tip on small battles like J.J. and the Bella Sisters) bring a rocket launcher. I was reading other entries and can't believe that people haven't found out about it. All bosses can be brought down by one shot from the rocket launcher.

At the El Gigante part, just shoot it once with the rocket. You don't have to do that stupid run up and cut. One shot and it dies.

At the Lake, just fight it out using those spears. They really should have thought that part out more at Capcom.

When fighting Cheif Mendaz, shoot him with the shotgun until his legs fall off. Then shoot him with the rocket. At the end, his legs will still be walking when he is dead if you can do it fast enough.

When fighting Salazar's right hand, wait for him to come down and fight, and knock over the nearest tank when he is close and shoot him once with the rocket.

When fighting Salazar, I suggest to shoot his eye with a magnum and when he is open, shoot him with the rocket. Watch out though, because he will still attack while you are aiming.

When fighting It, just keep moving at the part with the huge cages. When you get to the part with the cave, just shoot him with the rocket. If you have a lot of ammo, though, use the shotgun to save a couple bucks.

Now, you fight Krauser. Krauser is difficult. At the first part, I suggest moving up the ladder in the small room and shoot him with the shotgun. When he disappears, open the door. At this next part, keep running and dodgind his shots. When you get the the symbol thing, get under cover until he comes down. When he does that, start blasting him, move the statue and run to the now opened door. Go through that part and don't respond. Go up the stairs and all that stuff, and when he attacks again, dodge him and try to get him down on his knees, a bit away from you. Shoot him with the rocket launcher and then start shooting him with a magnum or a shotgun if he survives, which he often does. Run and open the door.

When you get to Saddlar, don't shoot him immediatly like in the other hints. No offense. Hit one of his eyes on his legs and when he gets down, shoot him in the eye with the rocket, so you don't have to get close and knife him several times. Then shoot him with the special rocket.

When you win the game, I suggest saving up for the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Once you get that, you can blast the smaller bosses and when you shoot people, the explode. It never gets entertaining. And instead of using the special rocket launcher in the final battle, you can just keep shooting him with the IRL and sell the special rocket launcher. It isn't worth much compared to other weapons, so i don't advise it if you have to clear out room.

I'm a bit confused, assignment ada or separate ways for the typewriter?

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On the faqs from ALEX

he said if you beat assignment ADA you will get the Chicago typewriter

But I'm also hearing you get the writer from Separate Ways...

Which one is faster? I just want to buy the type writer for the MAIN mission, ( leon's storry)
The sticky topic is your friend:

Q6: What are the unlockable items/weapons in this game?
A. How about I list them for you:

Complete the Main Game once:
- Alternate Title Screen
- Professional Difficulty ~ Ready to try a harder difficulty after completing Normal? Then this Mode is for you.
- Infinite Rocket Launcher ~ Just like the name says, it fires Infinite Rockets. NOTE: When using it, it doesn't effect your Accuracy Percentage. So fire away!
- Matilda ~ Pistol that fires in 3 rounds bursts. Large capacity, low damage, extreme firing rate. It's a bit of an ammo hog.
- Special Costume 1 ~ Leon gets an RPD uniform and Ashley has a "Pop Star" outfit.
- Separate Ways ~ Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It fills in some holes that the Main Game left.
- Assignment Ada ~ Non-Canon Mini-Game featuring Ada Wong. It's there just for fun, and is very short.
- Mercenaries ~ 4 Levels + 5 Characters + Waves of Ganados + Mini-Bosses = Endless Fun.
- Movie Browser ~ Watch cutscenes from the Main Game.

Complete Professional Mode:
- P.R.L. 412 (Plaga Removal Laser) ~ Crazy weapon that acts as infinite flash grenades. A charged shot inflicts MASSIVE DAMAGE on all those poor souls in the direct line of fire. Plagas-Infected Ganados beware!

Complete Separate Ways:

- Special Costume 2 ~ Leon wears a Mafia "Gangster" outfit while Ashley wears an impenetrable Knight costume. The sound of her running almost made me go insane... you'll see what I mean when you unlock it.
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in the Main Game only)

- Ada's Reports in the Movie Browser

Complete Assignment Ada:
- Chicago Typewriter (For use in Separate Ways only)


if you want to use the chicago type writer in the main game you have to have beaten SW

But if you want to use the Typewriter on SW then you have to beat Assignment Ada

but you can only buy the chicago typewriter on a cleared save file

Thanks guys, sorry for all the hassle

I'll try to beat separate ways tonight cause I really want to try out the typewriter. Thanks

Beat Assignment Ada for Typewriter if it's Gamecube,

Separate Ways is for PS2 Typewriter.

Beat Assignment Ada to get the Typewriter for Separate Ways.

This was the only sig I could think of that WON'T get me banned...

So I would have to BEAT SW,

When I play back on the main game to buy the TYPEWRITER, do I must buy it B4 the start of the game or I can buy it anytime when I can accumulate 1 mil? Right now my load file is around 700k and a bunch of treasures.

I think it adds to the shop as long as you are on a clear file.

"as for szs2, there's no way its gonna fall behind like szs did." -aers



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