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This article is about the English professional wrestler. For the Mexican professional wrestler, see Magnus (luchador).

Nicholas Aldis (born 6 November 1986) is an English professional wrestler currently working for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), where he is the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion in his first reign.

Best known for working in Impact Wrestling under the ring name Magnus, he is a former one-time GFW Global Champion, one-timeTNA World Heavyweight Champion, two-timeTNA World Tag Team Champion, one-timeIWGP Tag Team Champion and one-timeGHC Tag Team Champion.

Aldis is currently the only wrestler in history to have held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the GFW Global Championship. He also appeared on the United Kingdom revival of Gladiators, where he was known by the nameOblivion. He was also a co-presenter of Britain's Strongest Man on Challenge TV in the United Kingdom.

Professional wrestling career[edit]

Early career (2003–2008)[edit]

After becoming proficient in swimming and tennis, Aldis began bodybuilding, which ultimately led to his training to be a professional wrestler.[7] After beginning his training at the age of 16,[7] he made his professional debut in 2005 where he competed against Doug Williams in a highly contested two out of three falls match, which Aldis lost two falls to one.[5] Early title matches included a DAM Promotions event where he teamed up with Bash to take on the DAM Tag Team Champions Big Dave and The Bulk for the titles and he also went up against Ashe for the LDN Championship at Summit Wrestling, he would lose both matches. In 2007 he would face the WAW British Heavyweight Champion Brett Meadows for the title and lost. His last match before joining Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was a win against Marty Scurll. During his time in England he wrestled primarily at Joint Promotions, All Star Wrestling and World Association of Wrestling.[8]

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2008–2015)[edit]

Early feuds (2008–2009)[edit]

In November 2008, Aldis signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. On 11 December 2008 episode of Impact!, TNA started airing vignettes of Aldis' debut under the name Brutus Magnus, a modern-day gladiator.

Aldis competed under his Brutus Magnus name and gimmick at the TNA Maximum Impact! Tour in Glasgow, Scotland on 22 January 2009, where he defeated Matt Morgan. Two days later on the last night of the tour, Magnus defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir in London at the Wembley Arena. On 29 January episode of Impact!, another vignette of Magnus was played and it stated that Magnus' debut would occur next week. He debuted on 5 February episode of Impact! as a villainous character, defeating Shark Boy with his finishing move, the Tormentum. After the match, he issued an open challenge to anyone on the TNA roster. Chris Sabin answered the open challenge at Against All Odds, which Magnus also won. This continued with another victory against Eric Young at Destination X.

The British Invasion (2009–2011)[edit]

Main article: The British Invasion (professional wrestling)

On 30 April 2009 episode of Impact!, Magnus dropped the gladiator character and formed a villainous group called The British Invasion with fellow British wrestlers Doug Williams and Rob Terry. In their debut match as a team, Williams and Magnus defeated Homicide in a two-on-one handicap match after assaulting his tag team partner Hernandez backstage prior to the match, and stealing his Feast or Fired briefcase. The Invasion has since formed an alliance called World Elite with Eric Young, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi and engaged in a feud with Team 3D over the IWGP Tag Team Championship. On 30 July episode of Impact!, Magnus and Williams won the IWGP Tag Team Championship by defeating Team 3D in a Tables match.[9] However, New Japan Pro Wrestling later stated that as the title change did not occur with the sanction of the promotion, they still recognized Team 3D as the official champions.[10][11] On 10 August 2009, NJPW formally recognized the title switch.[12] At Bound for Glory the British Invasion lost the IWGP Tag Team Titles back to Team 3D, but managed to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship in a four wayFull Metal Mayhem Tag Team match against Booker T and Scott Steiner, Team 3D and Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode).[13] The following month at Turning Point Magnus and Williams successfully defended the title in a three-way match against Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin).[14] At Final Resolution they were once again able to retain their title in a match against Shelley and Sabin.[15] At Genesis the British Invasion lost the TNA World Tag Team Titles to Matt Morgan and Hernandez.[16] Afterwards, Magnus and Williams began abusing Terry and blaming him for their losses. On 18 February 2010 episode of Impact! Terry finally grew tired of this and attacked Magnus, thus ending his alliance with the British Invasion and completing his face turn.[17] At Destination X 2010, Magnus announced that from now on he would be known only by the name Magnus. He then went on to lose to his former mate and wrestling partner Rob Terry in a match for the Global Championship.[3]

After not being seen for over three months, Magnus returned on 14 June at the tapings of Xplosion, defeating Suicide and afterward challenging Rob Terry to a rematch for the Global Championship.[18] The rematch took place at 29 June tapings of Xplosion, with Terry retaining his Global Championship.[19] On 3 July 2010, Dixie Carter announced that Aldis had signed a new long–term contract with TNA.[20] On the edition of 14 July 2010 of TNA Today, Aldis debuted a new ladies' man gimmick.[21] He then went on to form a tag team with Desmond Wolfe, with the two of them defeating Amazing Red and Suicide in their first match together at 13 July tapings of Xplosion.[22] At the 26 and 27 July tapings of Xplosion Magnus and Wolfe defeated the teams of Hernandez and Rob Terry and Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) in a four tag team tournament to earn the right to challenge for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.[23][24] On 26 August episode of Impact! the tag team of Magnus and Wolfe was named London Brawling.[25] They were scheduled to receive their shot at The Motor City Machine Guns and the TNA World Tag Team Championship at No Surrender, but were at the last minute pulled from the event, with TNA citing a "personal issue" as the reason.[26] It was later reported that Wolfe had been sidelined due to an undisclosed medical situation.[27] Magnus returned to working live events on 30 September.[28]

On 16 December Magnus made his first appearance on Impact! in three months, when he met his former tag team partner Douglas Williams and informed him that Wolfe was close to a comeback.[29] On 30 December episode of Impact! Magnus offered to team up with Williams in a tag team match, where they were defeated by Fortune members A.J. Styles and Rob Terry.[30] Magnus reappeared as a heel on 24 February 2011 episode of Impact!, in a match, where he was defeated by Crimson.[31] On 31 March episode of Impact!, Magnus and Douglas Williams officially reformed the British Invasion once again as a heel group by attacking the team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.[32] In their first match back together, Magnus and Williams were defeated by Ink Inc. on 12 April, on Xplosion.[33] On 17 April at Lockdown, Magnus and Williams were defeated again by Ink Inc. in a four tag team number one contenders' steel cage match.[34] Despite not having won a match since their reformation, the British Invasion received a TNA World Tag Team Championship match at Slammiversary IX, which they lost to James Storm and Alex Shelley.[35][36] On 30 June, Magnus and Williams turned face by responding to Mexican America's bad remarks by praising the United States. They were then attacked until Rob Terry returned to save them, effectively adding him back to the group.[37] On 14 July episode of Impact Wrestling, Mexican America's Anarquia and Hernandez defeated Magnus and Williams in a TNA World Tag Team Championship number one contender's match, following outside interference from their stablemate Rosita.[38] At 9 August tapings of Xplosion, Magnus defeated Alex Shelley in the finals of a sixteen-man Xplosion Championship Challenge tournament to earn the right to challenge for the title of his choosing.[39][40]

Teaming and feuding with Samoa Joe (2011–2012)[edit]

In December 2011, Magnus began teaming up with Samoa Joe to take part in the Wild Card Tournament. On 5 January 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus and Samoa Joe defeated A.J. Styles and Kazarian to win the four-week-long Wild Card Tournament and become the number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship.[41] Three days later at Genesis, Magnus and Joe failed to capture the TNA World Tag Team Championship from Crimson and Matt Morgan.[42] Despite the loss, Magnus and Joe remained together as a tag team, attacking Crimson and Morgan on the next two episodes of Impact Wrestling.[43][44] On 2 February, Magnus and Joe defeated Crimson and Morgan in a non-title match to earn another shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship, and at Against All Odds, Magnus and Joe defeated Crimson and Morgan to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.[45][46] Magnus and Joe then defeated Crimson and Morgan in two rematches in February and March and Mexican America (Anarquia and Hernandez) in March to retain the championship.[47][48][49] On 15 April at Lockdown, Magnus and Joe defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in a steel cage match to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship.[50] During the first "Open Fight Night" on 26 April, Magnus and Joe successfully defended the TNA World Tag Team Championship against the team of Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson, after which they were attacked by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, who had asked for a title shot earlier in the event.[51] On 13 May at Sacrifice, Magnus and Joe lost the TNA World Tag Team Championship to Daniels and Kazarian.[52]

On 14 June episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus entered the 2012 Bound for Glory Series, taking part in the opening gauntlet match, from which he was eliminated by Samoa Joe.[53] Magnus' participation in the tournament ended on 16 August episode of Impact Wrestling, when he was defeated by Joe in a singles match, leaving him outside a spot in the semifinals.[54] On 14 October at Bound for Glory, Magnus unsuccessfully challenged Joe for his TNA Television Championship.[55]

The New Main Event Mafia (2012–2013)[edit]

Main article: The New Main Event Mafia

On 1 November episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus challenged Joe to a rematch as part of the Open Fight Night, however, he lost the match via disqualification, after hitting Joe with a wrench.[56] The rivalry culminated in a No Disqualification match on 11 November at Turning Point, where Magnus was again unsuccessful in winning the title.[57] On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus was sidelined with a storyline injury after he was ambushed by the Aces & Eights and hit in both his knees with a ball-peen hammer.[58]

Magnus returned as a face on 31 January 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling in Manchester, England, interrupting and attacking Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) who were insulting the country. Afterwards, Magnus wrestled his return match, defeating TNA Television Champion Devon in a non-title match via disqualification after interference from the Aces & Eights.[59] At Lockdown in March, Team TNA, consisting of Magnus, Eric Young, James Storm, Samoa Joe, and Sting defeated Aces & Eights, consisting of Devon, DOC, Garett Bischoff, Knux, and Mr. Anderson in a Lethal Lockdown match.[60] On 21 March episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus was defeated by Jeff Hardy in a four-way number one contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship, which also included Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.[61] On 18 April episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus was scheduled to face Devon for his Television Championship, however, was attacked by DOC and Knux before the match could start.[62] Magnus returned on the 9 May episode of Impact Wrestling, defeating DOC after an inadvertent distraction from D'Lo Brown.[63] Later that night, Magnus was again attacked by the Aces & Eights.[64] At Slammiversary XI, Magnus teamed with Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe in a winning effort against Aces & Eights (Garett Bischoff, Mr. Anderson, and Wes Brisco).[65]

On 13 June episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus defeated Kenny King, Matt Morgan, and Rob Terry in a four-way match to qualify for the 2013 Bound for Glory Series.[66] The following week, Magnus defeated Kazarian in his first Bound for Glory Series match via submission to earn ten points and take an early lead in the tournament.[67] On 4 July episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus was named the fourth member of the newly reformed Main Event Mafia along with Kurt Angle, Sting, and former tag team partner and rival Samoa Joe.[68][69] On 12 September episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus defeated Roode in a Bound For Glory Series Final Four match to advance before ultimately losing to A.J. Styles in the finals.[70]

After the Bound for Glory Series, Magnus began a feud with Bad Influence, who assaulted him during the finals, and first challenged them to a six-man tag team match against himself, Sting and Samoa Joe, prior to the match Bad Influence incapacitated Magnus and injured his knee, but Sting and Joe emerged victorious. In the aftermath, Magnus announced he was going to take on all three members of Bad Influence himself in a gauntlet match. During the gauntlet, Magnus defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, but was defeated by Bobby Roode, who took advantage of his injured knee and made him submit. After the match Magnus began venting his frustrations around the ring before Sting came out to calm him down, which culminated in Sting offering Magnus a match against him at Bound for Glory, which Magnus accepted.[71] Magnus defeated Sting at Bound for Glory after Sting tapped out to the King's Lynn Cloverleaf.[72]

TNA World Heavyweight Champion (2013–2014)[edit]

Main article: Team Dixie

On 21 November 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus was entered into a tournament to crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion after the title was vacated. He defeated Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Turning Point and Kurt Angle on Impact Wrestling to advance to the finals. He defeated Jeff Hardy in a Dixieland match to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion on 3 December; the match aired on 19 December, on Impact Wrestling: Final Resolution.[73][74] In the process turned heel, he joined Team Dixie, allying himself with Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III, and Rockstar Spud.[73]

Styles returned on the edition of 2 January 2014 of Impact Wrestling still claiming to be the legitimate champion as he was never defeated for the title. He then lost to Magnus due to TNA President Dixie Carter directing a heavy amount of interference against Styles, making Magnus undisputed champion. Samoa Joe then stepped up to challenge Magnus, labeling him a "paper champion". On 9 January 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling,[75] Magnus defeated A.J. Styles in a no disqualification title unification match, after Styles had returned to TNA with his own TNA World Heavyweight Championship; Styles left TNA after the match.[76][77] The next week, Magnus defeated Sting in a no disqualification title match to end Sting's TNA career.[78]

On the edition of 30 January of Impact Wrestling, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle defeated Magnus and Ethan Carter III in a stipulated tag match. In the match, Joe forced Magnus to tap out and as a result of the stipulation put in place, he would receive a shot at the World Title. On 2 March, Magnus successfully defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in Tokyo, Japan, defeating Kai at Wrestle-1's Kaisen: Outbreak event.[79] At Lockdown (2014) Magnus defended his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe. On 3 April, Magnus successfully defended his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Samoa Joe, Eric Young and Abyss. On 8 April, Director of Wrestling Operations MVP announced a 10-man gauntlet match that took place on 10 April episode of Impact Wrestling where the winner receives a future TNA World Heavyweight title shot that same night. The match would later be won by Eric Young who requested to have his shot at the same night where he went to defeat the champion Magnus. At Sacrifice, Magnus received a rematch for the title, but was again defeated by Young.

Various storylines (2014–2015)[edit]

Shortly after his loss to Eric Young, Magnus began a losing streak, after losing out on a number one contender's spot for the championship Magnus was met in a backstage segment by his childhood friend and fellow Brit Bram, who began to chastise him, claiming he had gone soft. Over the next several weeks, Magnus began showing signs of a face turn when Bram would throw weapons into the ring and encourage him to let out a more intense side but Magnus would refuse. More signs began to show from Magnus when he first attacked Bram in a backstage segment, and then when Magnus saved Tigre Uno from an assault from Bram the following week. On the edition of 5 June of Impact Wrestling, it looked as though Magnus would finalize his face turn and save Willow from Bram, but would in fact remain heel and attack Willow himself with a steel pry bar. Since developing a more violent persona, Magnus and Bram began a rivalry with Willow and the returning Abyss. Magnus defeated Willow on 15 June 2014, at Slammiversary XII. on 26 June 2014, episode of Impact Wrestling Magnus and Bram defeated Willow and Abyss in a tag team Monster's Ball match. On 20 August 2014, at Hardcore Justice, Magnus was a participant in a six-sides of steel match to determine a number 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the match was ultimately won by Eric Young and Bobby Roode.

On 23 January 2015, episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus competed in the Feast or Fired match grabbing the final case which contained a TNA World Tag Team Championship title opportunity, in which Bram claimed to have been the one to obtain it for himself but the chance was stolen from Magnus. On 30 January, episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus tried to reconcile with Bram in a bar, but after leaving the bar he was then viciously attacked by Bram, this act turned Magnus face once again. The following week Mickie James, (Magnus's real-life fiancé) returned to TNA to confront Bram who threatened Mickie in return. The week after, Magnus returned and attacked Bram in retaliation for threatening Mickie. This would lead to a match between the two which Magnus won by disqualification after Magnus was strapped to the ropes, after which Mickie ran down to the ring and was grabbed by Bram who forced Magnus to kiss his boot, to which he obliged. Magnus would get redemption and attack Bram backstage. This would lead to a No Disqualification match between the two which Magnus won to end the feud.

Magnus would enter into a storyline with James Storm who intervened in his final match with Bram by saving Mickie James from being attacked. On the edition of 24 April of Impact Wrestling Magnus and Mickie James both came down to the ring to announce Mickie's retirement from professional wrestling to focus on raising their son but were interrupted by Storm who managed to convince her not to. Magnus was later approached backstage by Davey Richards (who had previously feuded with Storm) who warned Magnus not to trust Storm, after which Magnus asked a member of the camera crew to follow Mickie around to keep an eye on her. After consulting the footage the crew gathered, Magnus confronted Storm and warned him to stay out of his and Mickie's business. The following week the two would have another confrontation where Storm would push Magnus too far and provoked him to attack Storm with a guitar officially igniting their feud. The following week Magnus called out Storm for a fight to instead be met by former rival and Storm's Revolution teammate Abyss and eventually the rest of The Revolution members Manik and Khoya. at Slammiversary XIII, Magnus faced James Storm in a losing effort. On 29 July episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus and Mickie James defeated James Storm and Serena in a mixed tag match.

Pro Wrestling Noah (2012)[edit]

On 22 July 2012, Magnus made his debut for the Japanese Pro Wrestling Noah promotion, when he and Samoa Joe defeated Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama to win the GHC Tag Team Championship.[80][81] On 8 October, Magnus and Joe lost the title to KENTA and Maybach Taniguchi in their first defense.[82][83]

Global Force Wrestling (2015–2017)[edit]

On June 29, 2015 it was announced that Aldis had signed with Global Force Wrestling, and will compete under his real name.[84] On 9 July 2015 Aldis made his in-ring debut defeating Tommaso Ciampa as part of the inaugural GFW Grand Slam Tour.[85] On July 24, 2015 Aldis entered into a tournament to crown the inaugural GFW Global Champion, defeating Kongo Kong in the quarterfinals of the tournament.[86] On September 5, 2015 Aldis defeated Chris Mordetzky in the semifinals to advance to the finals of the tournament.[87] On October 23 at the GFW Amped taping, Aldis defeated Bobby Roode in the finals of the tournament to become the first ever GFW Global Champion.[88] On October 28, 2015, Aldis and Doug Williams reunited as The British Invasion as part of Global Force Wrestling's GFW UK Invasion tour, defeating Marty Scurll and Rampage Brown.[89] He lost to the title on April 22, 2017 to Alberto El Patrón.[90]

Return to Impact Wrestling (2017)[edit]

Following Jeff Jarrett's hiring as Impact Wrestling's executive consultant in January 2017[91] and promotion to Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer[92] status a month later by its new owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment, GFW talent and championships started being featured on Impact television. Aldis returned on Impact's April 6 episode under the Magnus name as a face, helping to save Matt Morgan from a 4-on-1 attack by Team Josh Mathews (Bram, Eli Drake, Lashley, and Tyrus), beating down Bram and, in the process, being revealed as Team Jeremy Borash's 4th member, joining Chris Adonis, Morgan and Alberto El Patrón, that would battle the aforementioned foursome.[93] The two sides squared off on the following episode with Magnus getting the pinfall victory on Bram.[94]

Over the next two TV airings, during backstage segments, Magnus exhibited heel-type arrogance by verbally putting himself over, berating other wrestlers, especially El Patrón, and proclaiming himself number 1 contender for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. On the May 4, 2017, episode of Impact Wrestling Magnus successfully defended the GFW Global Championship against Matt Morgan following a low-blow and Michinoku Driver.[95] On the May 11 episode, Magnus lost the GFW Global Championship to El Patrón via submission to the cross armbreaker.[96][90]

Magnus then acted as guest commentator during a match between Ethan Carter III and James Storm the following week and got involved himself in the post-match melee between the two wrestlers, beating and leaving Storm laying by the ring steps then entering the ring to argue with Carter. Consequently, Impact authority figure Bruce Prichard booked the three rivals in a triple threat match for an opportunity at the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.[97] This match took place on Impact's May 25 edition, where EC3 scored the pinfall on Magnus.[98]

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported on July 20 that Aldis rejected a contract offer from Anthem, who had purchased and merged Jarrett's promotion with Impact Wrestling, renaming the company GFW, on April 20, and that he only worked April's Impact tapings on a handshake deal to protect the lineage of the GFW Global Championship by transitioning it to El Patrón.[99][100] On the July 26 edition of sports writer Chris Featherstone's Pancakes and Powerslams podcast, Aldis cited the lack of financial compensation and creative challenge GFW would offer him as his reasons for not signing. He added, "it’s not a contract that anyone with any value, any sense of self-value or self-worth would sign...There’s no point in signing a contract to make you exclusive to one place if you’re not getting anything in return." He said he was willing to continue working for the company as an independent contractor on handshake agreements but was rebuffed.[101]

Independent circuit (2017–present)[edit]

On May 20, 2017, Aldis made his first post-GFW appearance for WFW losing to Tommy Dreamer.[102] On August 11 and 12, Aldis wrestled for House of Hardcore losing on the first night to Jeff Cobb and winning on the second night by defeating Bull James.[103][104]

On July 28, 2017, Aldis appeared at Fight Factory[105] in Gainsborough, England in a no holds barred match against the promotion's Kip Sabian.[106]

National Wrestling Alliance (2017–present)[edit]

On September 23, 2017, Aldis made his debut for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood defeating Will Roode. Later on after the match Aldis challenged Tim Storm for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.[107] The match took place on November 12 and saw Storm retain the title. This was the first title match under the new NWA regime headed by Billy Corgan.[108] On December 9, 2017, Aldis defeated Storm in a rematch at Cage of Death 19 to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, making him the second British-born champion after Gary Steele.[109] Then, he started the Aldis Crusade, a series of defences in 60 days against 20 wrestlers.

Personal life[edit]

Aldis and fellow wrestler Mickie James welcomed their first child, a boy named Donovan Patrick Aldis, on 25 September 2014.[110] Aldis and James were married on 31 December 2015.[111]


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Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Global Force Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
  • National Wrestling Alliance
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • North American Wrestling Allegiance
    • NAWA Texas Championship (1 time)[136]
  • Pro Wrestling Noah
  • Ring Ka King
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

1GFW co-founders Jeff and Karen Jarrett invoked Magnus' briefcase because he was part of their roster and gave his title match to Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.

Luchas de Apuestas[edit]

See also: Luchas de Apuestas record

Winner (wager)Loser (wager)LocationEventDateNotes
Magnus (championship)Sting (career)Huntsville, AlabamaGenesis16 January 2014Aired 23 January 2014. This was a no disqualification and no countout match.


Aces & Eights brawl with the TNA roster
The Rock 'n' Rave Infection
MembersLance Rock
Jimmy Rave
Christy Hemme
Name(s)Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave
The Monsters of Rock
The Rock 'n' Rave Infection
HeightsLance Hoyt 6'9 (2.03 m)
Jimmy Rave 6'0 (1.83 m)
471 Ibs (213 kg)

The Rock 'n' Rave Infection was a professional wrestlingtag team consisting of Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave, and managed by Christy Hemme.



Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave made their debut as a team at No Surrender in the tag team gauntlet. On the following episode of iMPACT! Hoyt and Rave, accompanied by Christy Hemme (Hoyt's on screen girlfriend at the time), made their impact debut as a team. They wrestled regularly but continued losing. Hemme quickly grew tired of the losses and began complaining. The rift within the team continued to develop until Hemme claimed during an interview segment that she heard Rave call her a "red snapper". Rave insisted he was talking about fishing but Hemme thought otherwise telling Hoyt to "make him get lost", to which Hoyt said "Jimmy's my boy, and you're gonna have to deal with it." Hemme replied by saying "Your getting nothing tonight, NOTHING!". It was during this interview that Rave first referred to the team of himself and Hoyt as "The Rock 'n' Rave Infection", which initially provoked an annoyed response from Hemme. There have been no problems with the trio since Rave and Rock accompanied Hemme to a match against Awesome Kong.

On the November 15, 2007 episode of iMPACT! the team scored their first major victory by upsetting LAX with help from Hemme, who was attacked after the match by a member of the "Latino Nation". Hoyt and Rave began feuding with LAX and Hemme continued to be harassed or attacked by the masked member of LAX. Hemme threatened to sue (kayfabe) TNA Management for male on female harassment.


On the first Impact! of 2008, TNA held gauntlets to determine the rankings of their divisions. In the tag team division, Hoyt and Rave were ranked number five and VKM were ranked number four, so one member from each team started the match. A member from Team 3D came out next, followed by someone from the Motor City Machine Guns and someone from LAX. Near the end of the match the two teams left were Motor City Machine Guns and The Rock 'n Rave Infection. The Motor City Machine Guns won the match so Hoyt and Rave were ranked number two in the division. At the Final Resolution pay-per-view, the teams ended their feud in a match won by LAX. After the match the mystery Latino Nation attacker low-blowed Hoyt and then unveiled herself as a woman named Salinas, therefore showing why they were not threatened by the lawsuit.

After the LAX feud ended, the trio of Rave, Hoyt and Hemme developed a rock band gimmick, bringing out Guitar Hero game controllers to the ring, with Hemme acting like a frontwoman. They defeated other teams for the next few weeks, until they began feuding with the Motor City Machine Guns, losing three consecutive matches. On the April 3, 2008 edition of Impact! they participated in an eight-man tag team match against LAX and the Motor City Machine Guns. Hoyt and Rave were paired with Rellik and Black Reign and were called "The Monsters of Rock" in a backstage interview segment. "The Monsters of Rock" lost but then attacked the members of the winning team. Kaz intervened to try to stop the attack, but he was also attacked, which led to Super Eric entering the ring and stopping the attack. On May 1, 2008, they were eliminated from the Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament in a first-round loss to A.J. Styles and Super Eric. The following week, Jimmy Rave defeated Curry Man in a six-man X division match. On the July 7, 2008 edition of Impact!, Hoyt changed his ring name to Lance Rock to give meaning to the team name hence Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave (Rock 'n Rave Infection) and both he and Rave defeated Matt Morgan.

On the October 16, 2008 edition of Impact!, Rock and Rave were attacked by Kurt Angle and were sent to the hospital. As Hemme attempted to leave the building and go to the hospital, The Beautiful People and Cute Kip confronted and insulted her, which led to the trio attacking her and performing the brown paper bag treatment on her. Hemme completed her face turn by defeating Velvet Sky on the October 23, 2008 edition of Impact!. Rave remained a heel in his subsequent matches while Rock was not featured on television. The team then participated in the "Feast or Fired" match at Final Resolution, but were unsuccessful in obtaining one of the four Feast or Fired briefcases. Soon afterwards, Hemme quietly separated from the team, turned face and became a singles wrestler as she began feuding with Knockout Champion Awesome Kong for the title.

On February 10, 2009, Rock was released from his contract and only one day later, Rave was also released. On February 26, 2009, Rock and Rave made their last appearance as a team on TNA when they accepted Beer Money, Inc.'s "Off the Wagon Challenge" for the TNA World Tag Team titles. The match ended when Roode pinned Rock, who then as per stipulation was forced out of TNA for good.

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