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Medical Records Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Medical Records Clerk Cover Letter

Medical Records Clerks are responsible for managing medical records in health care facilities. Those interested in this type of job should be able to complete the following tasks: gathering patient information, doing data entry work, maintaining databases, processing charts, communicating to health care providers, implementing hospital or office standards, ensuring the smooth running of work operations, maintaining patient information confidentiality, recording patient admissions and discharges, and using clinical coding to record diagnostics and treatments.

Essential job requirements usually seen on a Medical Record Clerk cover letter sample include:

  • Knowledge of medical terminology and coding
  • Attention to details and accuracy
  • Time management
  • Computer proficiency
  • Multitasking
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Reporting skills
  • Effective communication

Similar skills and qualifications are mentioned in the example cover letter provided just below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Medical Records Clerk Resume Samples.

Dear Ms. Hanes:

Upon consideration of your posting for a detail-focused and dedicated Medical Records Clerk, I felt compelled to submit my resume for your review. As a highly skilled professional with key experience in healthcare information management and a proven commitment to top-notch accuracy, I would significantly contribute to the success of Mountain State Medical Center in this role.

My experience includes efficiently and accurately creating, collecting, and managing high volumes of medical records while ensuring full data integrity, security, and confidentiality. Throughout my career I have proven to excel at ensuring quality results by adhering to hospital standards and regulations. Additionally, my superior strengths in patient communications, information management, and general administrative support are sure to render me an asset to your team.

Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:

  • Successfully assigned new record numbers, maintained a master patient index, helped clients to complete intake and discharge forms, and prepared reports for state audits of medical charts as a Medical Records Clerk with the Colorado Springs Women’s Health Center.
  • Developed, improved, and analyzed a daily report of missing chart information for supervisors’ review.
  • Preparing to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Informatics and Information Management from the Colorado State University.
  • Expertise in medical support services and general medical terminology.
  • Possess and continually demonstrate strong diligence, ambition, and personal accountability.

Fully prepared to exceed your expectations for this position and substantially benefit your team, I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my qualifications position me to make an immediate and positive impact in this role. Thank you for your consideration.


Muriel G. Albert

Records Clerk Cover Letter

A resume may not be enough to showcase you as an ideal candidate for a job like records clerk. Employers are always anxious to know more about you and how you can be an ideal candidate for the job. This is the reason why cover letters were introduced. Records clerk cover letter is an important document that shows your ability for the job. These letters increase your chances of getting hired. So make the best use of it.

Sample Records Clerk Cover Letter (1)

Laura Miller
238 Vance Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

August 19, 2011

George Young
Hiring Manager
237 East Camelback Road
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Dear Mr. Young,

I was excited to learn about job opening for the position of records clerk in Phoenix Times, posted on August 11th. I always wanted to be a part of your team since my college days. This is a golden opportunity and I would like to make the best use of it. I have enclosed my resume with this letter that will give you detailed information on my work experience and educational background.

I have worked as a records clerk for the past five years in Phoenix Law Firm. I am aware of the duties and responsibilities involved with this job. My key role in the firm is to perform record keeping task and also manage the vital information of migrant student's records. As per your requirement, I am flexible with your organization work timings. I am compatible to work with different types of people. I have good listening skills and have a good understanding of the terms and conditions used in this job. I have a solid knowledge of the technical stuff involved here. I am organized and can keep a proper check of the records. I can pay attention to every minute detail and keep records of the data. I have excellent computer and clerical skills. I am a team player and also lead a team if required. I am confident that I can be an asset to your organization.

I would appreciate if we can meet for a follow up interview and discuss on this further. You can call me at (901)-238-3946 or e-mail me at lauramiller@coverletter.com.

Thank you so much for your patience and considering my letter.

Laura Miller

Enclosures: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

Sample Records Clerk Cover Letter (2)

George Smith
362 Cabot Street
Beverly, Massachusetts
United States

August 19, 2011

Patricia Swift
Hiring Manager
Buzz Group Company Pvt. Ltd
236 South Walnut Bend Road
Cordova, Tennessee
United States

Dear Mrs. Swift

I am interested to work in your organization for the position of Medical records clerk. I learned about the job opening from one of my friends Mrs. Mary Wills who works in your organization as a Head Clerk. I have the experience and required educational qualification you are looking for in an ideal candidate. My resume enclosed with this letter will give you further information.

I am an experienced medical records clerk and can relocate to your city for the said work profile. I have worked as an experienced records clerk for the past two years in Samsun Corporation Pvt. Ltd as a Senior Medical Records. I have sound knowledge and clear idea on medical terms. I am good with management of records. I am an organized person who can work in any environment. In addition to putting the data and preparing the medical record of patients, I keep them updated and also keep a track of the health care records. I am organized and pay attention to each and every minute detail of records. This makes me an ideal candidate for the job. I would love to be a part of your team and show my efficiency as I have showed in my previous work place.

I would be glad to come and meet you for a follow up interview and discuss on this further. You are always welcome to call me at (978)-382-3928 or e-mail me at georgesmith@coverletter.com.

Thank you so much for your valuable time and considering me for the position.

George Smith

Attachments: Resume, Reference Certificates and Work Experience Certificates

This is how you can write an effective records clerk cover letter. These letters are important and should accompany your resume. They play an important role in seeking an interview call. Make sure you highlight your achievements and skills for the job.

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