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Teachers Leaders And Schools Essays By John Dewey

Teachers, Leaders, and Schools

Essays by John Dewey

Edited by Douglas J. Simpson and Sam F. Stack Jr.

Publication Year: 2010

This book includes many of the most accessible and insightful articles on education written by John Dewey. The essays are selected largely but not exclusively for the accessibility to future and practicing educators, relevancy to current issues that educators face today, and breadth of information offered about Dewey’s overall educational theory.

Published by: Southern Illinois University Press

Part One. The Classroom Teacher

Part Two. The School Curriculum

Part Three. The Educational Leader

Part Four. The Ideal School

Part Five. The Democratic Society

General Introduction: John Dewey and His Educational Writings

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pp. 1-16

To Those Who Aspire to the Profession of Teaching (1938)

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pp. 33-36

Professional Spirit among Teachers (1913)

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pp. 37-40

The Educational Balance, Efficiency and Thinking (1916)

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pp. 41-45

Teaching Ethics in the High School (1893)

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pp. 46-51

The Psychological Aspect of the School Curriculum (1897)

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pp. 71-80

The Moral Significance of the Common School Studies (1909)

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pp. 81-87

Science as Subject-Matter and as Method (1910)

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pp. 99-106

Introduction: The Educational Leader

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pp. 117-122

Democracy and Educational Administration (1937)

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pp. 123-130

Toward Administrative Statesmanship (1935)

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pp. 131-133

General Principles of Educational Articulation (1929)

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pp. 134-143

Monastery, Bargain Counter, or Laboratory in Education? (1932)

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pp. 167-176

Progressive Education and the Science of Education (1928)

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pp. 177-186

Dewey Outlines Utopian Schools (1933)

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pp. 187-190

Education, Direct and Indirect (1904)

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pp. 195-201

Introduction: The Democratic Society

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pp. 209-215

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Teaching Profession (1930)

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pp. 245-248

Creative Democracy—The Task before Us (1939)

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pp. 249-254

E-ISBN-13: 9780809385805
E-ISBN-10: 0809385805
Print-ISBN-13: 9780809329991
Print-ISBN-10: 0809329999

Page Count: 272
Publication Year: 2010

OCLC Number: 730520006
MUSE Marc Record: Download for Teachers, Leaders, and Schools

“Simpson and Stack have produced the best available collection of Dewey’s essays on education. Their volume deserves to be read, and re-read, as a guide to true educational reform.”
—Larry A. Hickman, Center for Dewey Studies


“Douglas J. Simpson and Sam F. Stack, Jr.’s volume is an intelligently chosen set of John Dewey’s essays that will be widely useful to all those involved in educational practice, design, leadership, theory-building, and policy-making. Reading Dewey with Simpson and Stack is guaranteed to revitalize anyone’s educational viewpoint.”

—Barbara S. Stengel, George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University


“If you seek an appreciation of the breadth, depth, and development of Dewey’s thinking about education, and are daunted by the prospect of perusing the thirty-seven volumes of his collected works, then read this book.”

—Daniel Vokey, University of British Columbia

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