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Wiley Physics Online Homework



Helping students go further. Every student has a different starting point and individual needs can vary greatly. The WileyPLUS online teaching and learning platform is a huge help in getting students to organize their learning and achieve academic goals.

WileyPLUS helps students:

LEARN MORE—Students get immediate feedback at the point of learning when they complete practice questions, homework, and assessments in WileyPLUS.

SAVE MONEY—WileyPLUS includes a complete online interactive eTextbook, which empowers students to forgo the cost of a printed text. Students can also opt for a mobile-enabled eTextbook they can use online and offline from within WileyPLUS at a low cost, allowing them to study on-the-go and keep on top of coursework.

PERSONALIZE THEIR EXPERIENCE—By using ORION adaptive practice, students can determine what they know or don’t know before it’s too late. The Student Dashboard in ORION lets learners see their progress and the areas where they need more practice. This insight helps students ace the concepts they need to know before exam day. 

Learn more.



(pay close attention or it may cost you a lot of money!)

The textbook for the course is Fundamentals of Physics, 10th Edtion, by: Halliday, Resnick, Walker, Wiley (2013). Do NOT run out to buy it until you have read more below (or you will end up paying more than necessary!)
The homework in this course is done online using the WileyPLUS system. Access to the online homework system requires a WileyPLUS access code. The online homework is part of the grade.

We have negotiated a deal whereaby you get the online version of the textbook, together with the WileyPLUS access code, for a total of $50 for the semester. Moreover, the payment is billed directly to your UF account.

Combined access to the textbook on-line and the homework system is available through the UF All Access Textbook Program. There is a long version of the directions available here. Simply put, you will go to this web page:

https://www.bsd.ufl.edu/G1CO/IPay1f/start.aspx\ ?TASK=INCLUDED

After logging in with your GatorLink username and password, select Opt-In for this course. The book will be billed to your UF account at a cost of $50.

Alternatively, You may purchase a combined paper copy and a WileyPLUS access code from the UF bookstore at a cost of $125.

Both the e-book and the homework system are now integrated within Canvas. Do not try to access WileyPLUS from outside of Canvas. You MUST use the registration through the Canvas e-learning link. To access WileyPLUS and the on-line textbook:

  1. Log into E-Learning and select your Physics course (if you are not there already).

  2. Select Modules on the left hand side.

  3. Find the WileyPLUS Read, Study & Practice tab (it's the top one). Note that there is also a link for WileyPlus support.

  4. Click the link to open in a new tab.

  5. You will need to accept the "Limited Use End User License Agreement" (click on the Accept button).

  6. The first time that you access this site you will be asked for an access code. Instructions are above. If you do not have a code yet, there is a 14 day free trial period so there is no reason to delay starting to read the book and doing the assignments.

  7. Once you are logged in you will get a message like the following:

    You can then click on the "go to WileyPLUS" button or go back to Modules and click on the WileyPLUS homepage button again.

    Look around at the many resources available there, including electronic access to the entire textbook (the drop-down menu under "contents" gives chapter titles)

  8. Now to do the actual homework, you need to go back to the Canvas page and click on "Assignments". As you are now registered in WileyPlus, you will be able to click on the first Homework and start working on the problems. After some unsuccessful trials at the questions, you will be given the opportunity for (first) "hints" and then buttons to link you to the relevent section of the online textbook. In total you have 5 attempts at the question. As WileyPlus is integrated into canvas, you can see your score for the homework appear in the canvas gradebook.

  9. You can not have more than one instance of WileyPLUS open at once. Thus, if you try to open two browser tabs with WileyPLUS, you will get an error. If you try to log in from two different computers or browsers, you will automatically be logged out of one instance of WileyPLUS open at once.

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