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Futaba 14sg Switch Assignment Submission

Hello Jason,

There are various ways of setting up flaps on the 14SG depending on your precise requirements but, if you want basic switch-operated raised or lowered flaps with elevator compensation, then I agree with Bobcrc that the Airbrake mix neatly meets your needs. As you are new to the 14SG the following additional information may help.

If you look closely at the receiver you will see that the last slot is labelled 7/B and not 7/8. Your receiver only offers seven channels. You connect the battery to slot 7 (B). If you need all seven channels, as with your current model, you connect a Y-lead to slot 7/B and connect the battery and the seventh servo to it. (I feel that your comment about the Futaba manual does a disservice to mud).

In the Linkage – Model Type menu set the model to Airplane, Normal wing, 2AIL + 2FLAP. In the Linkage – System menu set FASST-7CH.

Now go to Linkage - Function menu. Here you will see which functions and controls have been allocated to each channel. Usually you can leave these default settings and just use the function menu to see where to connect the various servos. However, you are free to change the function and/or control assigned to any channel and will need to do so in order to use your chosen receiver. The Ail, Ele, Thr and Rud allocations on screen 1/4 are fine so scroll to screen 2/4. Here you will see that Flap 2 is assigned to channel 8. This will not work with your receiver but you will also see that Gear, which you do not need, is assigned to channel 5. Scroll to Gear, tap RTN and select Flap 2 from the menu. Confirm with RTN. Finally scroll to LD next to Flap on channel 7. Tap RTN and change this to no control (- -) as you are going to lower the flaps by means of the Airbrake mix rather than by turning the dial.

As now shown in the function menu connect the two flap servos to channels 5 and 7. (The remaining Flap2 on channel 8 is inactive but you could change it to something else like an AUX function if it is confusing).

Now go to Model – Airbrake menu. On screen 2/2 change INH to ACTive (it will then change to ON). To the right of that assign whichever switch you want to use to lower the flaps. Return to screen 1/2 and, using trial and error, enter values for Flap, Flap2 and Ele. Operate your chosen switch and then adjust the values to achieve the desired amount of movement. If a control operates in the wrong direction simply change the value to a minus.

You will see that you can also incorporate the ailerons in the airbrake setup. If you wish, you could set these to rise slightly as the flaps lower to produce crow (butterfly) braking as an aid to precise slow landings.

Returning to screen 2/2 allows you to adjust the speed at which the controls respond to the switch.

Bob mentioned my book. In the introduction I discuss some of the features of the 14SG which seem to confuse beginners. As a taster, the first part of the book is available to read free on-line. Click on “Look inside” here :-


You might find it helpful to skim the introduction.

Hope that helps.

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