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Ut Eid Homework

How to make the most of your courses in Quest

If you are a student reading this, you may be taking a course that uses the Quest Learning & Assessment tool. So, what does that mean? Now that you have Quest at your fingertips, how should you be using it (and class time) to maximize your learning experience?

General Strategies

  • Take notes as you watch the videos. Try to keep a notebook just like you would if going to class.
  • Feel free to hit pause and talk to others as you all work through lessons.
  • Review your notes and circle areas you have questions about. Write the questions down.
  • Use email, Piazza/discussion-board, or class time to share questions with the instructor, TA, or other students. Google other online resources and do some background research.
  • If the instructor has created learning modules with questions in Quest, write down the questions and how they were connected to the video lectures.
  • Come to class ready to solve problems. When your instructor has asked you a question in class, connect it to the online lectures you watched prior to class.
  • As you look at the homework problems, try to make a connection between the questions and the ideas you learned in the online tutorials.
  • Think of your instructor as your personal fitness trainer. Your instructor is there to coach you, encourage you, and point to areas where you need improvement. But your instructor cannot do the learning for you, just like a personal trainer can’t lift your weights.



Instructions for joining the UT Online Homework community


Click here to be taken to the UT Login page seen below: 




 Step one is to obtain a personalized UT EID that establishes you as an off-campus user of the quest online homework system.  In the center of the page shown click on "I need a UT EID".  Then click "Continue" on the following page and you should be sent to the page shown below:





Select "no" for all options and click "continue". 




Provide your own personal information as shown above and click "continue".  Please use your information and do not copy exactly from above.  




 Create your three security questions.




Do not choose a password you commonly use.  Then write down your password in an easily accessible place such as your lab book or on a card placed next to your computer at home.  It is advised to write it down in multiple locations.  If you choose a unique password, there is no need to keep it secret.  If anyone steals your password they will now have access to your homework problems.  Trust me, no one wants access to your homework.




 Confirm your information.  If satisfied, click on "Create My UT EID".




Write down your UT EID immediately in the same location as your password.  The UT EID is somewhat random and very difficult to remember. 


Return back to the Quest options page.  If the page is now closed you can click here. 



For those having trouble at this step:


1. Open Google

2. Type "Quest UT Login"

3. Click on "Quest Learning & Assessment - The University of Texas at Austin"

4.Click on "Log In to Quest"


You should be already logged in at ready to continue

This problem is the result of an issue with the user's browser.






 Below "Off Campus Student Enrollment" find the option to Log in.  Click on the link provided.






Use your new UT EID and password to log into Quest. 




Agree to the terms of use. 




 Select "Enroll in new Course" found below the orange box near the top left of the page.




 Enter the course number provided by your current physics teacher.  Each period has a unique course number so be careful using one provided by a friend.  If your friend is in a different period, they will be giving you the wrong number.  The course number should be 3 letters, 3 numbers, followed by a dash, followed by an additional number.


2nd hour: SCI425-21

3rd hour: SCI425-31

4th hour: SCI425-41

5th hour: SCI425-51

6th hour: SCI425-61






Click on "Request enrollment". 




Congratulations!  It is now the teacher's responsibility to clear you as a student in the course.  If done correctly, the teacher should see your name on a class roster as requesting enrollment in the course.  Once the teacher clears you as an actual student in the class, you will be able to use the UT online homework system by using your UT EID and password. 



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